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Monday 8.20.2018

Monday 8.20.2018 21-15-9 reps for time of: • Clean 135/95# (Full Squat) • Ring dips Time Cap: 10-minutes

Friday 8.17.2018

Friday 8.17.2018 Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1 Front Squat 3-3-3 Overhead Squat 5 Post total load of all sets. No misses allowed.

Wednesday 8.15.2018

Wednesday 8.15.2018 For Time: 30-20-10-20-30 Kettlebell Swing, 70/53-lbs Lateral Burpee Over the Kettlebell Double Unders 2x’s reps Time Cap: 15-minutes

Tuesday 8.14.2018

Tuesday 8.14.2018 Accumulate 5-minutes of Handstand Hold **Every minute on the minute you must complete 5 thrusters, 95-lbs/65-lbs Time Cap: 10-minutes

Friday 8.10.2018

Friday 8.10.2018 Today is Dogfight’s version of Chaos from the CF Games You will not know any details prior to the WOD You will be told the WOD as you go. *This is not going to be the same as CF Games Chaos* **Do not post any details to SugarWod(including

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Thursday 8.10.2018

Thursday 8.9.2018 “Buddy Rope and Yoke” With a Partner 4 Rounds 400 m run 8-6-4-2 Rope Climbs Buddy Carry to 50m **one partner carry down 25m and other one carry back** Time Cap: 20-minutes

Wednesday 8.8.2018

Wednesday 8.8.2018 4 Rounds 50 Double Unders 5-4-3-2 Squat Snatches RX Men 145-165-185-205 Games RX 185-205-225-245 RX Women 85-95-105-115 Games RX 115-125-135-145 **Weight Increases Each Round**

Tuesday 8.7.2018

Tuesday 8.7.2018 CrossFit Games Week DF Team Event 5 5 Rounds as a team 12 Sync Pushups 12 Sync Situps 15 Sync Front Squats (10 Min Cap) 2 Min Rest 40 Ft HS Walk 20 WallBalls 30/20 40 Ft HS Walk (5 min Cap) *Can use worm for team squats

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Monday 8.6.2018

Monday 8.6.2018 CrossFit Games Week Three attempts of each lift: • Back squat 1-1-1 • Shoulder Press 1-1-1 • Deadlift 1-1-1 Your score is the total of your best successful lifts. You will be allowed 6 minutes per lift -1 Minute rest between exercises- Time Cap 20 minutes

Thursday 8.2.2018

Thursday 8.2.2018 2 Rounds 400m Row 12 Muscle-ups 400m Run 20 Back Squats at Body Weight Time Cap: 17-minutes

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