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Archive for May, 2014

Thursday 5.22.2014

10 Rounds 1 legless rope climb 200ft sprint post time to comments.

Wednesday 5.21.2014

Regionals Week Event 4 21-15-9-6-3 Strict Handstand Push ups Front Squats 195#/125# Bar Facing Burpees post time to comments.  

Tuesday 5.20.2014

Regionals Week Nasty Girls V2 3 Rounds for time: 50 one legged squats, alternating 7 muscle-ups 10 hang power cleans, 175#/115#   Post time to comments.

Monday 5.19.2014

Regionals Week Event 1 and 2 1 rep max hang squat snatch 2 minute transition to handstand walk for distance.   post load and distance to comments.

Sunday 5.18.2014

Register for “The Murph Challenge” Closed Rest Day

Saturday 5.17.2014

Open Gym Have fun with Coach Holly! We’re going to regionals!

Friday 5.16.2014

5 rounds for time 40 yard dash, 1 rep 15ft legless rope ascent, 1 rep deadlift 315#, 5 reps post time to comments.

Thursday 5.15.2014

“Death by Double Unders” Every minute on the minute perform: 10 double unders. Add 5 double unders every additional minute until you can no longer meet the 1 minute time cap. post reps to comments.

Wednesday 5.14.2014

“Helton” Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 50 pound Dumbbell squat cleans, 30 reps 30 Burpees Post time to comments. U.S. Air Force Security Forces 1st Lt. Joseph D. Helton, 24, of Monroe, Ga., assigned to the 6th Security Forces Squadron at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa,

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Tuesday 5.13.2014

Complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes of: 5 Handstand Push Ups 5 Ring Dips 5 Box Jumps, 30″/24″ Post rounds to comments.

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