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CLASS IS FULL?? What’s next??

Packed house @crossfitdogfight at 5pm yesterday. What do you do when the class is full??? Not signing up for class and just showing up can cause this at most CrossFit Affiliates. Here is a checklist just in case this happens:

1. Respect the Coaches on staff and actively listen when they are teaching.

2. Stay organized and safe. The faster you listen to set up instructions and get in place, the more movement you get in the hour.

3. Help each other. Especially the new guy or gal.

4. Too full for you, wait until the next class hour.

5. If time allows, run heats. Count for each other and judge. It’s way more fun when you don’t have to think.

6. Modify the equipment in the WOD but maintain the stimulus. For example, use dumbbells or a sandbag in place of a barbell.

7. Finally… fist bump and high five everyone when you’re done. We are all here to have a great time and enjoy each other’s push.

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By: Coach Matt Newmann

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