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FITNESS #GOALS … Do you have any?

Today, efforts in the gym have far exceeded past efforts, and for the better.  People are striving for more intensity, pushing themselves to nauseating levels, and high fiving at the finish line.  Why?  What is their reason?  Do you know why?  This quick read can give you some insight on why setting some goals for your fitness can lead you to better success.


Athletes and people of all kinds need direction.  Guidance is much needed in today’s ten second attention span society.  Establishing some focus in the gym/CrossFit box can create realistic outcomes in a timely manner.


Research has proven through multiple studies that goals will drive people to succeed.  Picking and narrowing down optimal achievements will keep you motivated.


This key term “benchmark” gives you tiny goals along the way to see your progress in your own fitness.  Barriers exist with long drawn out plans. Set up smaller incremental benchmarks to see results.   These can range from weight goals, performance, anthropometrics, and general health measurements.


Accountability is crucial for most people in the fitness community.  Why do you think people workout in gyms and ignore their beautifully furbished garage gym?  They need people in their lives.  Showing your fit family your own personal goals can help keep you coming and pushing yourself.


See you in the gym, and if you need help setting goals – let’s chat.

– Coach Matt

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