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Archive for March, 2016

Thursday 3.10.2016

4 rounds for reps 1 min KB American Swings 53/35 1 min Alternating Lunge in place 1 min KB ground to overhead 53/35 1 min Push ups 1 min KB Turkish Get Up Post reps to comments.

Wednesday 3.9.2016

20-15-10 Assault bike for Calories Wall Ball Shot 20/14 10ft/9ft Burpee (Athlete may start wherever they would like.) Post time to comments.

Tuesday 3.8.2016

4 rounds 400m Run Handstand Walk 25m Post time to comments. Time cap: 15 minutes

Monday 3.7.2016

Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes complete Squat Snatch 5 reps, 135/95 Post reps to comments.

Sunday 3.6.2016

Rest Day Closed

Saturday 3.6.2016

Open 16.2 Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 minutes of: 25 toes-to-bars 50 double-unders 15 squat cleans* Begin with a 4 minute time cap. If 1 round is completed in under 4 minutes extend time to 8 minutes. If 2 rounds

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Friday 3.4.2016

Be ready for whatever Dave Castro programs! The WOD is released Thursday night at 8:00PM on A reminder, we will have mobility and strategy on Friday for those who want to do 16.2 on Saturday. We will be doing 16.2 for all classes on Friday. Eat well and get

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Thursday 3.3.2016

WOD – For Time (10 min Cap) 500m row 50 Abmat Situps 400m row 40 Abmat Situps 300m row 30 Abmat Situps 200m row 20 Abmat Situps 100m row 10 Abmat Situps Active WOD (for those doing the Open and want slow & steady instead of the main WOD) 500m

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Wednesday 3.2.2016

NOTE : We will be WOD’ing in the new space tomorrow! 12 Min AMRAP 30 Double Unders 10 Shoulder to Overhead 115/75

Tuesday 3.1.2016

This will be done in our current space. Not the new space. Terry For time: 1-mile run 100 push-ups 100-meter bear crawl 1-mile run 100-meter bear crawl 100 push-ups 1-mile run Post time to comments. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent James “Terry” Watson, 43, of Holly Ridge, Louisiana, was killed

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