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Friday 3.25.2016

Be ready for whatever Dave Castro programs! The WOD is released Thursday night at 8:00PM on

A reminder, we will have mobility and strategy on Friday for those who want to do 16.5 on Saturday.

We will be doing 16.5 for all classes on Friday.

Eat well and get good rest for Friday!

-Pure test of your work capacity and threshold. Can you keep moving?
-Push through the thrusters but stay in control
-Go to your dark place for burpees (Remember to breath)
-Maintain a good front rack position for good thrusters, this will keep you vertical
-rest overhead for thrusters
-step up to bar & jump over to keep from taxing (going over redline)

45 seconds of steady Rowing
15 seconds of fast Rowing (Sprint technique)
1:30 Steady Air Squat – Change foot positions every rep (narrow, wide, unbalanced, etc.)
:30 seconds PVC Front “Rack” Squat (focus on a great “rack” position)
:45 seconds Hand release push-ups steady
:15 seconds Fast Burpees

Dynamic Warm-up:
Front Rack Stretch
>Elbows – W/ bar behind neck standing & squating, rotate back & forth
– Rig Stretch – Keep chest up, elbows up high and tight, squat
>Overhead Stretch – Banded pass throughs (or pvc) and banded thrusters (good posture)
>Ankle Stretch – Rig stretch
>Hip Flexors – Walking stick lunge, push hip toward PVC

Specific Warm-up
1st – Set up your bar w/ WOD weight
– Use the high temp plates so the weight won’t bounce away from you when you drop the bar
– Get used to getting over the bar after thrusters
– Review a good Thruster
– Review a good burpee over bar (step to it)

3 Rounds (move steady, don’t burn out)
3 reps Thrusters
3 reps Burpee over bar


21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
• Thrusters (M:95#, W:65#)
• Bar-Facing Burpees


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