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Friday 2.24.2017

Friday 2.24.2017

Open 17.1 Prep, Strategy, Mobility, and Attempt

>Find a consistent pace which will allow you to move the entire time. Do NOT go out of the gate or you will ‘redline’ after the 1st set of Burpee Box Jump Overs and end up resting more than you should be moving which will eat up your time.   

>Hydrate well before this workout!! Take in plenty of electrolytes.

>This WOD is all about your engine. Can you keep moving??
Dumbbell Snatches:

>Don’t stop moving, keep a consistent pace.

>Stay tight on the snatches to keep from lighting up the lower back. Make sure to keep hips lower than chest.

>Make sure to USE your hips to explode each rep and NOT pull with your arms or back. 

>Mix in using a hook grip and no hook grip to save your grip.  
Burpee Box Jump-overs :

>Don’t stop, keep moving at a consistent pace. The more you rest, the more time eats away at the clock. 

>Step to box to conserve energy, then jump on box. Just like a bar-facing burpee mechanic we’ve practice in class.

>Stay low on burpee box jump overs to save time. If quads start to tighten up, make sure to stand up on box. 


3 minute AMRAP

 10 Jumping Jacks

  5 Pushup + Downward Dog

  4 Dumbbell Snatch (light weight to get warmed up)
Pre-WOD Mobility:

  -15 Banded pass thru

  -15/arm Banded Single Arm Press 

  -15 Overhead squats with band 

  -Small bands – around the knee side shuffle (down & back, length of Rig)
Specific: (Not necessary but highly recommended to see what it will feel like)

3 rounds —-> [Go FAST! Get heart rate up]

  4 Dumbbell Snatches (use weight you will be using for workout)

  5 Burpee Box Facing Jump-overs (or step overs, will be for scaled)

       >2 foot take off is a must for Rx 

  >If you do the Specific warm-up rest up to 5 minutes before you do the WOD
Mobility post WOD:

>Recommend a 5 mins at light pace on the bike


>Barbell smash quads /2 mins

>TRX Shoulder Mobility /2 mins

>Forearm Smash w/elbow /2mins

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