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We will be performing a memorial workout for Artie Stevens throughout all of our classes on Tuesday, November 28th. It should be noted that this is the nationally recognized “Giving Tuesday.” Please share the landing page to kindly encourage donations/contributions to the fund.

Event company, 3 Day Weekend, was kind enough to build a landing page for contributions to a trust for both Arthur and Eva. They will be giving 100% of the funds and not take any for processing. The total amount contributed will be split 50/50 between two funds for Arthur and Eva.

We have asked all area CrossFit affiliates to perform this workout on Tuesday, November 28th.

CrossFit Dog Fight will be running this workout in all classes. We are opening up our facilities to all who are interested in performing this workout and honoring Artie. We will not be charging for local drop ins but will happily accept donations via the landing page.

We are hopeful that this workout can be performed at as many affiliates across Indiana as possible. Artie and his team visited many affiliates over the years and traveled afar to help provide food for our members.

Memorial Workout: “Artie Stevens” – Partner Workout – Wall Balls (20/14)

– Toes To Bar

– Box Jumps (24/20)

– Push Press (75/55)

– Row for Calories

– Rest 1 Minute

Details: – Teams of 2

– 5 rounds

– 1 minute per round

– Each partner is allowed :30 to accumulate as many reps as possible per movement then they switch.

– Score = total reps as a team! Just like Fight Gone Bad

– *Workout must be performed while listening to Dubstep

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