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Monday 3.18.2019

Monday 3.18.2019

In Teams of 4, 2-persons working together at a time;

5 Rounds

2-person Sled Push, 1 per handle**

100 Double Unders**

40 Synchronized Pull-ups**


Sled Push Standard: 400-lbs/320-lbs, 100-yards in 25-yard sections

Double Under Standard: 25 reps must be completed by 2-team members and you must switch every 25-reps. Reps go as follows; athletes 1 and 2 do 25-reps per person, then athlete 3 and 4 do 25-reps. That would equate to 50-reps completed for the team.

Pull up Standard: Chin must break the plane of the bar at the same time.

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