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Archive for October, 2015

Saturday 10.24.2015

NO OPEN GYM CFDF COMMUNITY DAY Saturday Indy Acres Paintball Outing PLEASE ARRIVE BY 9AM THINGS TO BRING -garbage bag -extra clothes -something to cover your head just in case you get shot there -multiple layers of old clothes -old shoes with good ankle support -gloves if you have sensitive

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Friday 10.23.2015

For time 30-21-15-9 BURNER Turkish Get Up, D-ball 10-lbs Good morning, 45/35 barbell FITNESS Turkish Get Up, KB 1-pood Good morning, 55-lbs/45-lbs RX Turkish Get Up, KB 1.5-pood/1-pood Good morning, 65-lbs/55-lbs Post time to comments.

Thursday 10.22.2015

Scooter On a 35-minute clock with a partner: Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of: 30 double-unders 15 pull-ups 15 push-ups 100-meter sprint Then, 5 minutes to find a 1-rep-max partner deadlift For the AMRAP, have one partner work while the other rests, switching after a full

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Wednesday 10.21.2015

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of: BURNER 10 box step ups, 24-inch box 20 Air Squats FITNESS 10 box jumps, 30-inch box 20 one-legged squats RX 10 box jumps, 40-inch box 20 one-legged squats, alternating Post rounds completed to comments.

Tuesday 10.20.2015

For Time: BURNER 40 Kettlebell swings 1-pood 30 Overhead squats 95/65 20 Shoulder-to-Overhead 95/65 10 overhead walking lunge steps 95/65 FITNESS 40 Kettlebell Swings 1.5-pood 30 Overhead squats 115/75 20 Shoulder-to-Overhead 115/75 10 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps 115/75 RX 40 Kettlebell Swings 2-pood 30 Overhead Squats 155/105 20 Shoulder-to-Overhead 155/105

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Monday 10.19.2015

Pausing Back Squat for load: #1: 3 reps #2: 3 reps #3: 3 reps #4: 3 reps #5: 3 reps #6: 3 reps #7: 3 reps All reps must pause on the way up for at least 3 seconds. Post loads to comments.

Sunday 10.18.2015

Rest Day Closed

Saturday 10.17.2015

9:00am-10:00am “Nutrition for the pursuit of Excellence” 10:00am-11:00am Mobility with Coach Carla 11:00am-2:00pm Open Gym On Ramps Available

Friday 10.16.2015

Horton 9 rounds for time with a partner of: 9 bar muscle-ups 11 clean and jerks, 155 lb. 50-yard buddy carry Share the work with your partner however you choose with only one person working at a time. If you can’t find a partner, perform 5 reps of each exercise

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Thursday 10.15.2015

King Kong Three rounds for time of: BURNER 10 deadlifts (145lbs) 10 pull-ups (jumping or banded) 20 KB cleans (35lbs in each hand) 20 push-ups FITNESS 1 deadlift (365lbs) 2 bar muscle up 3 squat cleans (205lbs) 4 wall facing handstand push-ups RX 1 Deadlift (455lbs) 2 Muscle-up 3 Squat

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