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Sunday 11.1.2015

Rest Day Closed

Saturday 10.31.2015 HAPPY HALLOWEEN

9am-10am “Nutrition for the Pursuit of Excellence” -Grocering -Organic vs Natural -Recipes to feed your CF athletes With Lindsay Newmann 10am-11am Mobility with Coach Carla 11am-12pm Open Gym 12pm-1pm Olympic Lifting with Coach Bobby 1pm-2pm “Emily” – Special Hero WOD “Emily” 1.5 mile run then, 8 Rounds 27 KB swings

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Friday 10.30.2015

Snatch Balance 5-5-5-5-5 Post load to comments.


REMINDER: Wear your Halloween Costume tomorrow! Best COSTUME WINS an awesome PRIZE!

Thursday 10.29.2015

For time: BURNER 10 jumping muscle ups 20 kettlebell ground to overhead, 1 pood 30 overhead squats, 45/35 barbell 3 minute hollow position hold 40 medicine ball cleans, 14-lb. ball 50 burpees 100 plate jumps (2 stacked 45lb. Plates) FITNESS 10 banded barbell pull down muscle-ups 20 Kettlebell ground to

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September and October 2015 – Athletes of the Month

ANNETTE CURRY AND JENNIFER MCCOY are our SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER athletes of the months. Both of these ladies battled breast cancer and won. They have fought back by being stronger and more fit every day because of their families and the CFDF community. Annette is rocking out pull-ups on a

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Wednesday 10.28.2015

Complete as many reps as possible in teams of two: TIME: 12 minutes BURNER – SOLO WOD Row 70 calories Step-ups 50 reps, 24-in/20-in Hanging Knee Raises 30 reps FITNESS Row 70 Calories Dumbbell Step-ups 50 reps, 30lbs/15lbs Knees-to-elbows 30 reps RX Row 70 Calories Dumbbell Step-ups 50 reps, 45lbs/25lbs

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Tuesday 10.27.2015

5 Rounds BURNER Dumbbell Push-up 20 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull 15 reps, KB 35-lbs FITNESS Box Dip (between 2-40in boxes) 20 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull 15 reps, 75lbs/55lbs RX Ring Dip 20 reps Sumo Deadlift High Pull 15 reps, 95lbs/65lbs Post time to comments.

Monday 10.26.2015

“Cindy” AMAMRAP in 20 minutes of: • 5 pull-ups • 10 push ups • 15 Squats Or “Mary” AMRAP in 20 minutes of: • 5 HSPU • 10 Pistol squats • 15 Pull-ups

Sunday 10.25.2015

Rest Day CFDF LADIES DAY 2pm get together at Blind Owl Brewery

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