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Archive for August, 2017

Thursday 8.10.2017

Thursday 8.10.2017 13-11-9-7-5 reps for time of: •Muscle-ups •Squat snatches Men use 95-lb. barbell Women use 65-lb. barbell Time Cap: 12-minutes

Wednesday 8.9.2017

Wednesday 8.9.2017 For time: •100 pull-ups •80 abmat sit-ups •60 Alternating Lunges •40-cal. row •20 push presses, 50 / 35-lb. dumbbell Time Cap: 17-minutes

Tuesday 8.8.2017

Tuesday 8.8.2017 QUATRAIN 10 muscle-ups 30 wall-ball shots 50-ft. handstand walk 25-ft. Front Rack KB carry 10 muscle-ups 30 wall-ball shots 25-ft. handstand walk 25-ft. Front Rack KB carry 10 muscle-ups 30 wall-ball shots 50-ft. Front Rack KB carry -Mens/Womens Wall Ball 20lbs/14lbs -Mens/Womens KB Weight 2x32kg/2x24kg TIME CAP: 15-minutes

Monday 8.7.2017

Monday 8.7.2017 “GAMES WEEK” -show up and execute all the WODs this week and you will be entered into a raffle to win a new pair of shoes!  -you just have to show up and do the WODs all week “OLY MEET” 6-minutes to establish  Snatch 1-REP MAX Rest 1-minute

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Sunday 8.6.2017

Sunday 8.6.2017 Rest Day Closed

Saturday 8.5.2017

Saturday 8.5.2017 Olympic Lifting  8:00am-9:00am Mobility  9:00am-9:30am Open Gym 9:30am-12:00pm @crossfitgames 📸John Newmann, 3-years old

Friday 8.4.2017

Friday 8.4.2017 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of: • Deadlift 1.5x bodyweight • Benchpress 1x bodyweight • Clean 3/4x bodyweight

Thursday 8.3.2017

Thursday 8.3.2017 For time: 30 weighted muscle ups (wallball) 20-lbs/14-lbs ***** time cap 12 minutes

Wednesday 8.2.2017

Wednesday 8.2.2017 21-15-9 DB Thrusters 50/35 40yd dash between each set  ***Time cap 8 minutes

Tuesday 8.1.2017

Tuesday 8.1.2017 As many reps as possible in 20-minutes:  4 Alt. DB snatches 80/50 6 Box Jumps 30/24 8 over/under burpees *****Time cap 20 minutes

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